Singer 6268

I just received a 20 or so year-old broken Singer modle 6268, which
has electronically controlled pre-memorized stitches, on a panel with
lots of electric pushbuttons, and a buttonholer that measriures the
button to decide how big to make the hole.
Lots of questions but the first is, My friend doesn't have the foot
pedal, and I'd like to avoid spending 25 to 30 dollars for one in case
I never fix the thing or get it fixed. It's the foot pedal that uses
an air tube between the pedal and the machine, not a wire. Is there
a cheaper source than ebay? Is there a generic term that would
include things not made by Singer? Was this common enough that
sewing marchine repairmen might have one lying around left over from a
machine that was never repaired, or stolen? Or will a blood pressure
cuff squeeze bulb work, if I can find one of those?
I've wanted sometthing like this for 20 or more years -- I rember when
this came out (though not what year) -- but what surprises me is that
the machine has no name, just a number. 6268. Is that it's convict
number? I would think Singer would have given it some exotic name,
for advertising purposes, like Sewlara or Sewlaroid or Consewleum.
Did it have a nickname?
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My old machine is a 6267. Your description sounds exactly like mine! I got it new, and still keep it as a spare, and for projects that need a real "workhorse". It makes beautiful buttonholes, and does great satin stitching. I, too, have the air-powered foot pedal and have never had a problem with it! The other difference between this machine and most others, is that it uses bobbins with a spring center in them. They are more expensive than regular bobbins, but over the years, I accumulated quite a few. Also, it has an indicator light that comes on when the bobbin is low....even my newer, more expensive machine doesn't have that! I hope you can get it fixed. If I can help you with any info, let me know.
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Alice in PA
Thanks. I found a used pedal at a local sewing store, but haven't had time to use the machine since then!!
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Le dimanche 10 juillet 2011 15:11:08 UTC+1, micky a écrit :
hi, It's name is Singer Symphonie 300 it's written on the front.
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