a hole and closure for an umbrella tablecloth

i am not a great sewer/ i have some beautiful fabric that i would like to
cut a hole and close the tablecloth as well/ instead of an umbrella, i
have a fan pole in the center of the table and cannot lift it out to put
the tablecloth on/
is there a way to put a zipper like something or other in w/o sewing in a
zipper/ i am intimidated by zippers!
thanks so much
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Use Velcro? But a separating zipper would really work better:
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Zippers are not hard, practice makes perfect. If you don't want to sew it in by machine, you could always stitch a zipper in by hand.
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BEI Design
Right up my alley, I'm making a tablecloth for an umbrella table. Other options are using velcro as a closure or buttons and buttonholes or button holes on each side of the opening and lacing them together like a shoe. I also suggest that you do your opening along the width rather than the length of the table. Less distance that way. Juno
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Juno B
On Sat, 09 Jul 2011 17:09:59 +0000, sldaisy_at_aol_dot snipped-for-privacy@foo.com
Do you actually need a closure? Tables don't jump around much; just cut the slit and let the edges lie side by side. If the wind picks up, put the salt shaker where it will hold the edges down.
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Joy Beeson

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