Viking "Rose"

I, very sadly, inherited a Viking 'Rose' from my sister in law. I love
using this machine . . I've always had a mechanical machine.
Shortly after I got the machine, the Viking dealership went out of
business here in Savannah, therefore I never got any instruction. I
have the large book that came with it and lots of presser feet.
Is there anyone out there owing and using their 'Rose' ? Everyone I
have met has the higher model machines. I would so much like to
communicate with someone who uses the Rose. I have so many questions.
We have four grandchildren (9 ,3 1/2, 3 and 1)and I love sewing for
them, for our home and our grown chidren's homes.
Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.
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That was our first machine. It's been replaced, but is still sitting around. I can try to help with any specific questions (or ask my BW if SHE remembers!)
There's also a Viking Rose/OnePlus (very similar) group in Yahoo groups that you might find more useful.
- Herb
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Mimi, Take a look at this site for some pointers.
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She has a tips page that can be quite helpful. I see that she also has a Rose tutorial. I am not associated with Jan in any way other than as a reader of a Yahoo group where she posted often. She gave me some advice there to solve a few problems. I have visited her site to use her tips. She has always been very helpful to me through the Yahoo group. I would second the recommendation to look into the Yahoo group, VikingRoseOwners. I had a Viking 1+ and have upgraded to a Viking Designer 1. I might be able to help you with some of your questions but the group and Jan's site would be much more effective. Best of luck to you. I'm sure you will enjoy using the machine.
Marilyn in MN
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Husqvarna's US website has a dealer locater which may find a dealer within a reasonable distance of your home:
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G. Wayne Hines
Thank you so much for your information . . I have gone on the website and gotten the video. I appreciate you taking the time to offer some iformation. Carol Forrest AKA Mimi to 4
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