Compare Viking Rose 605 & Viking Lily 555 sewing machines vs a Singer

I know someone who passed away and her husband wants to sell her sewing items to
clean out the house.
I have a chance to buy either a viking Lily 555 or Viking Rose 605 sewing
machine in great shape.
Also have for sale a Singer #9970 sewing machine
Singer Futura SES 1000
Simplicity SL 200 surger
can anyone tell me if they have any of these machines & which would be the best
to invest in
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Sue B
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Hands down the Viking
Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine 18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
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Ron Anderson
I would consider both the Lily and the Rose to be good machines; I'd sit down with both of them and a pile of difficult to sew fabrics, and try them out to see which one you liked. Be sure to make buttonholes... good buttonholes generally mean the rest of the machine works well.
If you don't have a serger, the SL200 might be worth looking at if the price is good enough... I probably wouldn't go much over $30 for it. It's a pretty basic and light duty serger, and I find that serger sewing has made my sewing much more fun. Just be prepared for it to wear out within a few years. Again, try before you buy.
Again, I don't know where you are in your sewing journey, or how he wants to dispose of things like scissors, mannequins and pressing tools, but many older tools are better quality than most of what's available now. Again, try before you buy.
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