Viking Emma

I am interesting in purchase a basic, solid sewing machine, and have
recently been to several stores testing various models.
At this point, I am most interested in the Viking Emma, and was
wondering if anyone has one of these machines, or an opinion on their
quality, durability, etc.
I was a bit confused, in looking at the Viking website, because this
machine was listed as a "limited edition" model. Not sure what this
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I just took a look at the Viking site. Emma looks like it's a basic machine with a few extras that I wouldn't mind having on my Sarah. Viking puts machine on a short time special. That's how I got Sarah. Usually they take a basic model and add a few things. If you have tried it out, are happy with it's performance and the price is within your budget I think you are probably getting a good deal. Those of us who use Viking usually love them. Just be sure you try it out with your own fabric and thread. I suggest you go to the FAQ, some of us put together, on buying a machine before you make a final decision.
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These limited edition machines come with the same guarantees ad their regular models, and are very good machines. If I had the spare cash, I'd be very tempted to get one as a spare. I love my Lily (had it for 5 years now), and wouldn't change for anything!
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Kate Dicey
My 80 yr old Mom had not sewn for 30 years. She got an Emma and she mastered it in no time.
It is a basic, easy to use machine.
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I have 2 viking machines and they are brilliant. A special edition sometimes means there are features on it which are extras to the normal ones. Sheila
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