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LOVE in Chinese - Embroidery Uploaded
Hi Here's the link: something to share. Happy fun with your valentine project c2s
13 years ago
Free Embroideries To Share
Hi Did some digitizing of designs for sharing: you like them too! nitram
13 years ago
Designer 1 Parts and Service CD
Hi I'm looking for a compact disk called Designer 1 Parts and Service. Thank you
13 years ago
Updates of Free Embroidery Downloads on
Hi, Some new embroidery designs to share with you: sewing! c2s
13 years ago
Fawns & Penguins @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~ If you have a large thread holder that stands on the table, many of them have a depression in the middle that can interfere if you use the 5000m cones. An old CD slipped on the...
13 years ago
Any tips on how to digitize and stitch the perfect patch?
-- --------------------------------- --- -- - Posted with NewsLeecher v3.8 Beta 8 Web @ ----- ---- -- - In order to assist you, I need much more information of the type of machine, what do you want...
13 years ago 3
new to group
This week I ordered a Brother Disney SE-270D sewing/embroidery machine and am a little worried, is this a decent machine. I have never owned an embroidery machine before. I live in the back hills of...
13 years ago 4
"Sweet Valentine" - Edwardian Script for Download
Hi Here's the link to the free script: something to share. C2S
13 years ago
Ghielmetti FER204A tape reader
Hi everyone, I hope to someone help me. I have old paper tape reader Ghielmetti FER204 from embroidery machine ZSK MSC-M and plan replace it with PC interface but I can find information about tape...
13 years ago 1
Raccoon Kits @ BFC !
~~~~~TIP~~~~~ If you are experiencing a lot of thread breaks or looping be sure to check the condition of your foot. Feel all the edges - if they are rough they are probably causing your problem. For...
13 years ago
AD: Valentine Sets, New Free Rabbit Alphabet Started and Hidden on Web Site
Are you ready for Valentines? It will be here sooner than you think. I have a great new set up, comes in 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10. The 4x4 and 6x10 are up and the 5x7 is still being sewn out. The 4x4 set...
13 years ago
Free Embroideries for download
Hi I've done a few embroidery designs in the past. Most of these I have listed in the following site for free download: you like them too. nitram
13 years ago
Barudan Beat IV - PC Connection
Hi everyone! I hope someone on this forum can help me out I have and older single head Barudan Beat IV embroidery machine which has an FDR-V Floppy Reader. Does anyone know if I can purchase a cable...
13 years ago 2
Need advice on embroidery machine
I have been planning for a while to buy an embroidery machine and my DH and DM both gave me money for Christmas to buy one. I have been looking at the Janome MC 11000 and the Husqvarna Designer SE. I...
13 years ago
Help: Embroidery Machine/Software
Hi folks, I want to choose an inexpensive embroidery machine that fills a specific need. I am going to design a picture and I want to digitize it and use it to create the same embroidery over and...
13 years ago 3