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Can anyone help me with the name of the thread company which had an offer of a set of threads a few months ago? I don't know if it's still available, of course, but I'm in dire need of a set of new...
9 years ago 5
Free Sample Designs
If you have been wanting to try out our designs please register with us by clicking on register on the upper right hand corner of the homepage at Friday we will be sending out a free sample design to...
9 years ago
Lovely Cows and Sweet Pea Quilt Blocks
Dear Members, Sugar Bear Graphics has released the following new sets of clip-art: Limited Lovely Cows Limited Sweet Pea Quilt Blocks All new sets and more details about our current special can be...
9 years ago
HELP! I have the Husqvarna Viking Rose machine & the 4D reader / writer kit
HELP! I have the Husqvarna Viking Rose machine w/Embroidery unit. I just bought the 4D reader / writer kit. What do I need to use the reader/writer kit? I have never used the embroidery feature on my...
9 years ago 3
Desperately Seeking PE Design v4 Software
Hi, I am new to the forum but not to sewing and have had my machine for years. The last couple of years between my husband's brain tumor diagnosis and the kids trying like heck to grow up my PE Design...
9 years ago 2
Using embird with Smart Media cards
Hello there! I have an Elna Xquisit, which uses the older smart media cards. I was told that I can use Embird to write designs to those cards. However, the Embird version that I have is "Embird Plus...
9 years ago 1
AD:New Butterfly Doily, club additions DOW Pothoilder Towel Toppers and more
Update for week of 4/25/11. New this week 2 new designs added to the snag It Club, be sure and get them. Found on the New Design Page you will find A Beautiful Butterfly Doily in 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and...
9 years ago
Looking for Pagon designs please
I have been asked to make a cloth with a pentagram and some earth elements can any one help (for Husquvarna d1 The only place I know that have those designs is the site another person sent you...
9 years ago 2
Seeking Pagon designs
Hello, I wonder if anyone has any pagan designs. I have been asked to make a cloth containing the pentagram in a circle and some other stuff. I have a Husquvarna D1. Try: , NAYY
9 years ago 1
Origins Home Embroidery - Dongle Help
I am new to this group but hope to find someone who uses or has the Old Origins Home Embroidery s/w. I have it but it is at my other home and I can't remember if the dongle is 9-pin or what???? Trying...
9 years ago
Windows 7 software issues????
For those who manage their personal computer and those who have their desktop shared with the "Home Guru" I offer this advice ---> Subscribe to: Read that newsgroup regularly and take on board the...
9 years ago
Is cotton thread harmful?
We took a little class on the Brother PE 770 last Monday. Immediately after that, we came down with the worst case of flu/allergy/cold in world's history; haven't felt like seeing what/if we learned...
9 years ago 1 monthly contest for a custom extention table starts in December! All registered users are automatically entered!
monthly contest for a custom extention table starts in December! All registered users are automatically entered!
10 years ago
Are there any eyes?
The crib quilt for Newborns in Need underway here is flamingoes. Flamingos? Nevermind, SpellCheck will figure that out. What I'm thinking is it would be just so wonderful if I had a disc of eyes for...
10 years ago 6
4d reader/writer
------------------------------------- I have 3d professional on my laptop but a 4d reader/writer. When I send a design, it gives an error message of no d-Card reader/writer unit connected. Can you...
10 years ago 5