Features of Ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket, also called aluminum silicate fiber blanket, is a type of insulation refractory material, featuring high strength, light weight, non asbestos and organic binder, good high temperature stability and good insulation performance. It can effectively reduce the weight of high temperature equipment and heating time and save energy.
Ceramic fiber blanket is made of aluminum silicate with addition of auxiliary materials by the blowing technology. According to the production process, ceramic fiber blankets can be divided into two types: spun needle blanket and blown needle blanket. Especially the quality of products made by the double-side needle process is much better than common ceramic fiber blanket.
Ceramic fiber blanket has low thermal conductivity, good insulation and low thermal capacity, thus it can effectively improve the utilization of energy. It has light weight, good thermal shock resistance and good extension.
Ceramic fiber blanket has uniform diameter, long fiber and low shot content, which greatly improves its properties and performance. It contains no binder agent and has good reliability and stability in different environments.
Ceramic fiber blanket is white and has regular size. It is easy to be cut and install. It can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure in neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. Its thermal and physical properties are bot affected by oil and can be restored after drying.
Due to its advantages, it is widely used in many fields such as lining for high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in chemical industry, lining for industrial furnaces, high temperature filter material and fire protection and thermal insulation materials of high buildings.
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