Corrosion And Refractory Selection Of The Feeder Port

Feeding is one of the most important parts of the melting process and can affect
the melting rate, glass quality and fuel consumption. The feeder port is one of
the important parts and weak points of the glass furnaces. It is subjected to
severe conditions and easily to be damaged.
The feeder port consists of feeder pool and the front wall. It is subjected to
the corrosion by molten glass, erosion by the batch materials and dust, wear by
the liquid and the impact of the flame.
The front wall usually adopts L-shaped block. Fused mullite block or AZS block
is used. Its outside is insulated with ceramic fiber blanket.
The feeder pool is a rectangular pool that protrudes outside the furnace. It is
made up of the crown, sidewall and corner block. The crown and corner blocks of
the feeder port is easily damaged.
Its sidewall block adopts fused cast AZS, the same refractory with the sidewall
of the melting zone.
Since the feeder port does not have breast wall, its crown is lower than that of
the melting zone. The crown is subjected to the impact of the flame and erosion
by the dust. Fused cast AZS block with good corrosion resistance is used here.
The corner block is subjected to high temperature, molten glass, chemical
attack, and the thrust of the feeding machine. Fused cast AZS block 41# WS is
used here and should be processed into round or hexagonal shape to reduce the
hindrance. It should be thicker than the sidewall block to increase its weight
and prevent the movement of the blocks. It should be cooled by air since it is
heated in two sides and the heat dissipation area is small here.
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