Q: Painting on glass that lasts.

Hello Glass Group,
I got some white frosted lampshades in glass that i like to paint green.
How do i do?
-Is there a lasting paint, because they get relly hot?
-Is there a glass paint that can be heatet on in an oven?
- what is their product names and where can i by them?
-please tell if there is other options.
/Søren M
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Søren M
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There are three levels of paint that MAY work for you depending on the effect you want. High temp spray paint is sold to paint engines, etc., and may be available in the color you want. Check hardware and auto supply stores. There is a paint for decorative work on glass that is baked in a ordinary oven. I don't know much about it. Check craft supply stores. Then there is true enamel for glass, which is held temporarily by a medium like gum arabic and then is melted onto the glass at about 1100F - very close to the sagging point of the glass. The enamel expansion must match the glass. Contact Thompson Enamel
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or Paradise Paints
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