vacuum seal on experimental apparatus

I'm planning an experimental apparatus. The part that i am asking
about here is a seal between a borosilicate chamber (with an inch or
so diameter opening) and small diameter metal tube. The chamber will
be evacuated by an adsorbent and may pull a very decent vacuum, I'm
not sure how strong (haven't built the thing yet). Also, The chamber
will be heated over a fire for several hours, with either a positive
or negative pressure inside (will vary between different
experiments). heating won't be right next to the seal or anything,
but in that time the seal would eventually get hot.
Anyone have any experience with glass/metal seals in these conditions?
much thanks,
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i would think a high temp rubber or gasket material would work. there are plenty around car engines, so there must be something available.
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300 C would be really hot. A hot engine temp is about as far as i plan to go.
Contents will be calcium chloride/hydroxide and water. ammonia resistance would be nice also.
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