Ways to put a colored, rounded edge on glass?

I'm working on flat stained glass ornaments that have exposed glass
edges. One way to finish these edges is to put on copper foil and
solder, but I'm looking for other ways to get a nice-looking finished
edge. Is there any kind of good, thick paint or enamel that will cover
the edge and dry to a nice even, rounded, shiny finish? Or, what about
some kind of clay product?
Any ideas?
David Blood-Deschamps
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David Blood-Deschamps
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Before assembly of the pieces, you could grind and polish the pieces to a round edge. Or before cutting the pieces, you could fuse the glass, producing a rounded edge all round from which to cut. Don't know of any easy colored edge, but remember, the solder is what is keeping the glass in place, the copper is just a form on which to put the solder. If you take away the copper you got to think of serious glue.
-- Mike Firth Hot Glass Bits Furnace Working Website
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Mike Firth
Have you thought about fingernail polish? I've used various colors to put an interesting finish on an edge before. Looks very nice. Barbara Dream Master
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Barbara Otterson
put the unfoiled pieces in a kiln. it'll do that with about a 5 minute hold at around 1300F. you then have to grind off the other edges, since this will round off all edges. note that if it's a normal 1/8" piece of glass, it's going to shrink, so you should actually make it be somewhat oversized, and cut it after it comes out of the kiln.
regards, charlie cave creek, az
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Charlie Spitzer
it's ground, not polished.
there's only two ways to get a shiny edge. heat work it in a kiln or polish it by hand. that would involve various grits (100-220-400-600-800-cork-rouge-cerium), and is a lot of work.
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Charlie Spitzer
How about the plastic coating that is put on electrical tools?? I think its called "Dip" and I think it comes in red, green and maybe orange. All right it's not the best colors but it should protect little fingers from being cut...
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John Herrmann

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