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Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
8 years ago
Fusing / slumping kiln-sharing in Oxfordshire
Hello - anyone in or near Oxford, UK and fancy renting their kiln to me and my mate for a few pre-christmas firings? Don't know what the going rate is, but happy to negotiated some mutually acceptable...
9 years ago
Crafts from recycled glass
I have experience in a number of different handcrafts. Glass work is my weakest. I live in an area with no glass recycling and would rather learn how to use this glass than carting to the land fill. I...
9 years ago 7
Looking for a copy of Glasseye 2000 Pro that will work on Windows 7............
Looking for a copy of Glasseye 2000 Pro that will work on Windows 7............ I don't know the software but used to develop Windows software so can you any information about why your current version...
9 years ago 7
Exciting FRUIT JARS Vintage Inventory
HALLELUJAH VINTAGE has many KitchenCollectibles among which are Fruit Jars, Plastic and Aluminumhelpers,plus many more Antique/Vintage items!!
9 years ago
Sinrod Studios
No, not a death announcement. I ran across the article I wrote that D Brady put in his book, and made me wonder how my old pals are doing? Anyone still around from 3 years ago? I wasn't a prolific...
10 years ago 11
Completed stained glass commission
Hi All , I have completed a commission of 16 new stained glass windows last week . Please view and comment . I know the quality of the pictures is not brilliant , but it is viewable . you very...
10 years ago 3
Show in New Hampshire
the AVA Gallery and Art Center, 11 Bank St, Lebanon, NH, 603 448 3117, Opening reception Friday, April 9, 5 to 7. Show ends May 8. 29 Glass artists, curated by Genevieve C. Cole. John Bassett
10 years ago
need advise: high alkali crucible melt
I am planning to make sodium/potassium silicate through the furnace route in a crucible furnace. I am unfamilar with precautions necessary for very high flux mixtures as opposed to regular soda glass....
10 years ago 1
Call for Artists - Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring 2010 Market
Registration is open for the 2010 Spring Market. The application is online now, please click on the FORMS link to apply. The 2010 Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring Market is set for Saturday, May...
10 years ago
Hi guys
Check site of glass products, catalog, amazing prices... Czech only.
10 years ago
rounding over the sharp edge of a cut neon tube
hi, wondering if i could ask a question, worried it's been asked many times before, apologies if it has. i got a few 4 foot long broken lengths of neon tube. i want to cut them into approximately 16...
10 years ago 3
laminated glass tubes
Hi! I make display glass tubes with high pressure content (up to 200 bar). To protect the tubes from damage and to protect the spectators from shrapnel in case of an explosion I try to make a...
11 years ago 9
Announcement: new eBook for artists
Announcement: James Photography () has created a newresource for artists who wish to take great photographs of theirartwork: an eBook called "Product Photography for Artists". Created tobe a...
11 years ago
FS, Bevelling equipment
Have one hell of a deal on some bevelling equipment, most recent owner didn't outlive them, sad to say so here is your chance to get some great, Sommer & Maca Equipment. In Michigan, USA, for those...
11 years ago