Looking for a copy of Glasseye 2000 Pro that will work on Windows 7............

I don't know the software but used to develop Windows software so can you any information about why your current version doesn't work in W7, copy protection dongle etc or does it give an error. Have you tried running in compatibility mode.
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David Billington
"Goofette" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com...
This is licensed software so I guess you better contact Dragonfly...? Or read the FAQ
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It says its incompatable with win 7. Won't work in compatibility mode either. Been a purchaser for years with licenced copies. Now I upgrade to Win 7 and my licenced copy will not work.
Dragonfly wants $295 bucks to upgrade to one that works with Win 7.
There is no way I will give them any more money just because I upgrade my operating system.
As for the emails who wrote I should buy it, No thanks. I will get a pirate copy and use it before they get another nickel.
If they offered an upgrade at a reasonable price I would buy it.
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I can't figure out how people can keep on "upgrading" only to have to buy all new apps each time.
How about running your current licensed version under wine in Linux? Free OS, free emulator... it costs nothing to give it a shot. I have my wife's Xubuntu set up with crossover (a wine derivative) so she can run her old favorite Windows game, Zuma Deluxe. (Windows is not allowed in this house.)
Failing that, run a VM with guest XP or whatever, and run Dragonfly in that virtual XP... regardless of the host OS.
Right now, I have virtual machines with Debian 6, Mint 11, Mint LMDE, and NetBSD available to run whenever I want via kvm/qemu on an Xubuntu host (and separate machine running FreeBSD only/always).
There are many (legal) ways to skin a cat.
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Steve Ackman
How about getting a 2nd PC with whatever version of Windows it last worked on then use that. With a KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch you just need the system box and can switch between that and your W7 box. Likely you can buy a PC cheaper than the upgrade cost.
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David Billington

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