Looking for clear vinyl to use as windows

I'm looking for some really clear vinyl to use as windows.
Clear shower curtains seem like they might be the most
economical source of clear vinyl, but so far I've only
tried one that I got from WalMart, and it wasn't really
very clear. Does anyone know of a shower curtain
manufacturer that makes truly clear curtains, or any
other economical source of clear vinyl?
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windows for what? Joann's Fabrics has clear vinyl in several different mils, 60" wide in the home dec section. any of those will, at least initially, be clearer than shower curtains. i've used it (in 6 mil) for making cold frame covers for my raised garden beds. lee
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Although could be less "bendable" than shower curtains, what about clear vinyl/plastic tablecloths/sheeting - you can find it by the metre in even the "cheaper" shops.
Hope you do find some.
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The Joann's fabric store in our area has clear vinyl, usually. Also a good upholstery material shop would have the heavy grade. Tent and awning people have it and I'm sure some RV dealer would know where an outlet is. Rollie
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When I did windows for a project, I went to Wal-Mart. In the fabric section they had rolls of different types of vinyl and they had a clear, like for using over a tablecloth. You can buy as much as you need. Good luck!
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