looking for knitting patterns

My name is Els, i'm from belgium and i'm new here.
First of all ... i'n very sorry if my English is not so good!!! i dont
use it
very often.
I work at home taking care of children who's parents are going to work
all day.
At this moment i've got 9 children and two of my own.
I love to knit! At this moment i'm knitting a bear for all of my
children. that
is why i need your help. I was knitting the paterns by
designer stitches
(popcorn bears) but they've stopped there production.
I've looked everywhere but
i dont find the pakkets anymore.
So far i've got patterns for
popcorn butterscoth (and all simular bears in other colors)
knitted soufflé
Fudge the cat
But i'm still looking for
Pickles the hedgehog,
barly the mouse
Is there anyone who can help me? Scan the patterns and mail them to me?
I can
patterns if you like. I also have al lot of patterns for cross
stitching to swap
for knitting patterns.
thank you very much
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Hello Els, my name is Bernadette, I live in Scotland. I have managed to find out that Designer Stitches has gone out of business and their knitting patterns are rare but there are people advertising on various forums to swap the knitting patterns they have for those that they want.
One person has knitted all the popcorn range except for "Fudge the Cat" which she wants. She is advertising on the forum at
formatting link
you contact her she may be able to help. Good luck in your search.
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Hello Bernadette,
thanks for your suggestion. I've registered on the johnsoncrafts forum but i dont have acces yet. I can read everything but i can't reply or make a new tread on my own.
I hope to get it soon.
It's not very easy to find those patterns. I could not imagine it would be so difficult.
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There is one other link I found today which seems to be an Italian company and they are advertising various Popcorn kits. It is at
formatting link
Best wishes Bernadette
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Thanks Bernadette
I really appreciate what you are doing for me.
The italian side only sells bears i've already got. And i'm still not activated to the Jonhson crafts forum. It does'nt look good for me :-)
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Hi Barbara,
many thanks to you! It's better to understand in English than Italian! The only one i dont have of the ones they sell is Barley the mousse but someone here in Belgium promised me she would make a copy for me. So i'm still looking for Hedgehog and Biscuit and i didn't see them on the italian side.
Hope to find them!
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You're welcome. I think I may have found Biscuit the Dog as another person is offering to exchange that pattern for some of those you have. Check out
formatting link
and I'll keep looking when I have afew moments. All the best Bernadette
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I think we have struck lucky this evening, Els. I just found all three of them on eBay. The link is
formatting link
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hi Bernadette,
Thank you verry much for all your help.
Is there anything I can help you with??? Give me a yell and i try to help you!!!
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I'm just glad I could help and hope you manage to get the patterns you want. Keep checking in on the group as I'm sure you will be able to provide information to help someone else in the future.
I'm a great believer in "pass it on" especially the good things that happen. :-)
All the best Bernadette
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Hello, i purchased a cd on ebay last week with popcorn bears .You will need to have acrobat reader on your pc to open and read the patterns,but you are most welcome to them,as sharing is caring.If you are still interested please let me know and i will scan them to my pc and forward them on to you.
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On Sep 14, 2:23=A0pm, wooniemac_at_bigpond_dot snipped-for-privacy@foo.com (wooniemac) wrote:
Hallo Els , no bear in my pocket, or drawers , but i can help a bit in Dutch ,, mirjam
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