Looking for patterns

Hello I am looking for a series of patterns called Enchanted Crochet.
Copyright is 1982. They are a series of mini crochet toy patterns like
Mickey Mouse, Ziggy, Orphan Annie, etc. Does anyone have any ideas of
where to find them? I have checked google, etsy, and ebay-no luck. The
company is out of business so I cannot contact them.
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Sounds like and interesting set! You might want to try posting this on rec.crafts.textiles.marketplace and see if you have any luck there.
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You could try
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I searched Enchanted Crochet and came up with a number of very nice patterns but not sure if it is what you are looking for. you could also try
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There are also a number of knitting groups on both Google and Yahoo Groups so you could join a couple and see what you can find. Sorry I cant help withthe patterns but hopefully I have provided you with a few additional leads. You local knitting guild may also be able to help. Those ladies are often a treasure trove of informatio that doesn't necessarily get "online". Good luck.
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