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This newsgroup is seriously in need of some life support, so here goes.
I've recently gotten back into lace knitting, but I'm starting to reach the
limits of size on the piece of foam core board I've been using for dressing
the lace.
I remember hearing/reading in the past of homemade mounting boards in larger
sizes, but can't remember any of the details. I vaguely remember some people
using hollow core doors that they've covered with batting and muslin that could
also double as a cutting board for fabric-y projects, but that's much
larger and heavier than I'd want to use, plus issues with storage of a board
that size.
Anyone have a nifty solution they've tried or know of they'd like to share
with me and the group?
I'm thinking of something along the lines of at least 3 feet square (1m square),
or perhaps some sort of modular type set of boards that could be configured
and arranged to accommodate larger lace projects such as shawls or table
centers or runners.
Nyssa, who hates to see a good group dwindle down to nothingness
At River's End
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Sorry I can't help with your board problem but.....
I agree. Blame it on the spammers. :( I have been trying to go into google groups to report the spam every week or so. Since GG have changed to their new format, spam seems to get reported a bit more regularly. I hope they can eventually find a way to stop them!
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I do not block in the usual manner! sometimes i wet a clean cloth and lightly iron over the wet cloth ... mirjam
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You might They have interlocking boards at a reasonable price.
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Thanks for the pointer, but I think I've solved my problem and much more cheaply.
I needed a really BIG area for blocking knitted lace such as large doilies, table centers, and table cloths. I ended up getting a huge 4x8 foot piece of exterior grade foam core insulation from Lowes.
The back is an aluminum foil type of material and the front is a thin sheet of plastic. I had the store clerk cut the piece in half down to the backing, so now I've got a folding 4x4 piece (that just happened to fit in my truck :) that I can use as-is or unfold into full size for a larger blocking area. If I need an even bigger area for a MegaBAP like a full sized table cloth, I can simply buy another piece to butt together for an 8x8 size.
Cost? Less than $10 per sheet.
Nyssa, who feels very clever about now
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