question for those who've done Tribute to Old Masters

Hi everybody--
I've just purchased the chart for Tribute to the Old Masters by Nouveau Enc
ore Designs. The finished size on 32-ct fabric is 27 x 27, which means tha
t the fabric size should be about 33 x 33. Clearly, that won't fit on my A
rtisan Designs needlework frame--or any other frame I've ever heard of. I
hate the thought of doing in a hoop... How have other people mounted this s
ize linen in order to work on it?
Apologies if this is an old topic--I just discovered this board.
I'm thinking Wichelt Belfast Light Mocha and DMC 4245...
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First off, Welcome, Marcia!!!! Our members are few now, so it's nice to have a new "face"!
Sorry I can't help with this. I do nearly all of my work with a hoop, even large pictures. Hopefully some others who have this frame will jump in.
What color is this? I didn't think their numbers went that high...unless it's not embroidery floss?
Again, welcome!
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Joan Erickson
I've got scroll bars that wide. I bought up most of the lengths soon after I bought the original set, so have 30 and 36 inch bars. IIRC they went as high as 40 inches, but I never thought I'd need 'em that long.
I currently have a project in the 36 inchers. When (if?) I get a chance to work on it, I prop one end up on a small table that holds my chart. Awkward, but workable.
Another possibility is a frame meant for doing quilt squares one at a time. Those are adjustable to various sizes, so might be large enough to hold your project.
Failing that, furring or framing strips cut to size and joined at the corners. Then staple strips of fabric to the edges and lace your fabric to the edge strips. I don't think you'd want to staple your stitching fabric directly since you might get stains from the wood or risk tearing your evenweave.
Hope that some of this gives you pointers to a solution.
Nyssa, who really needs to get back to stitching this summer At River's End
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You could use Q-Snaps. They come in different lengths so you can combine t hem to make any size you need. And you can make them smaller than your line n. You use move them around to stitch where you want to. I also have an Ar tisian stand and I use Q-Snaps all the time. In fact I have a sampler, Elea nor Parr on a set now. The linen is approx 27 x 30 and the Q-Snaps I'm usin g are 18 x 12.
Pat in SJ
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30x40 is the biggest size I've worked on. I made myself a frame of canvas stretchers, sewed a doubled piece of poly/cotton poplin to the edge of the fabric, then laced the poplin to the wooden frame.
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There are many other brands, but they're all fairly inexpensive. I used piano hinge screwed to the back of the upper bar (whichever was "upper" at the time) to attach some 1/2" plywood as a support from the floor to the back edge, and used a couple of table legs attached with strap hinge as a support for the front edge. The difference in length allowed me to keep the work on a slight tilt.
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Kay Lancaster
Hello, Nyssa...long time, no see. However every time I go into my hubbies man-cave, I see the lovely addition you designed for me, to add to his ham radio pic!
Not stitching much, doing some quilting..a little aier on older eyes! oops easier, not aier!!
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Gillian Murray
Hi Gill~~~~
I'm glad that it's in a place of honor in his man-cave. :)
We should have let him keep the old one with his old call sign. That woulda taught him better than to upgrade his call along with his license class. lol
73, Nyssa, who has to get ready for tonight's ham radio net At River's End
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He has the original, with the new callsign as a tag=along on the bottom of it. I must remember to send a pic to you.
Right now, he is driving the new car, with my Tech call on it...and I drive the older car, with his Extra on it! LOL
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Gillian Murray
And I've got the callsign license plate from my pop's Tbird on my Ram truck. Since his callsign is now MY callsign as a vanity call, I can keep a little bit of him and on my new(er) vehicle. (Had to get the Ram when his old Tbird quit.)
He was a General Class, but I got the Extra. No way was I going to change calls and lose his!
Now back to stitching talk....:)
Nyssa, who baked two kinds of cupcakes and frostings yesterday to share with the neighbors (and help out the Easter bunny) instead of stitching, knitting, or reading
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