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I generally use Q-Snaps to hold my work, and I'd had no major problems. I h
ave a question about scrolls, though. Do the scrolls hold one's work taut e
nough all the way around to allow for easy stitching? That's one really nic
e thing about Q-Snaps: if the piece gets a little loose, one simply gives o
ne of the snaps a partial twist. All better! From what I've seen of scrolls
, it looks like the two edges perpendicular to the scroll bars might get a
bit saggy or floppy. And how does one keep the scroll from loosening --- do
es it have some sort of clamping system to prevent unwanted unrolling?
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Danny Breidenbach
I use scroll frames a lot. I find it hard to get the fabric attatched to the rods. I gave up on basting and started using blue painters tape. Its easier but still not perfect. Some fabrics don't want to stick to the tape. As you stitch and roll the finished part onto the rods it does get loose on the sides. There is a solution, I have clips with velcro that go on the sides and will hold the side part of the fabric taught. I just tried to find a link to them online with no luck.

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wow Pat, you did much better than me. I searched through a lot of pages on that site without finding them. I don't remember them being that pricey when I got them.
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