To those who care :)

I'm finally leaving I haven't had time to keep the site up or
do projects for them, so the other day, I told them I'm out. I'm moving on
to other things. I wasn't doing it for a living anyway. At first I was, but
then finances changed on their end and mine, so for the last few years,
it's been just one of those things I did. The boards are still open over
there and the owners are making some changes over the next few months that
will make it a more glossy, professional site.
In the meantime, I'll stick with my own sewing and dressing dolls to give
to kids who need them through our CPS and women's shelter.
And to those of you who didn't even know I was associated with them, ooops
for the interruption ;)
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Well, you sure did a good job there, Donna! I wonder if you are in Colonial Piecemakers? I've been thinking of attending a meeting there, but keep forgetting. Been busy here. I think things will slow up after the big to do in Yorktown this w/e. I'll be there schlepping food at the Lunch tomorrow ... and I'll wear a name tag, so say Hello if you see me! PAT in VA/US
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Pat in Virginia
Pat in Virginia scribbled while perusing news:P7yZg.19198$vC3.8495@dukeread02:
I have been in the past, but it was quite some time ago. Have fun if you go. It's a good time.
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