Knitting Patterns in very large sizes

Hello Everyone,
I am very new to your group, I haven't read newsgroups in years but I
know when you need info they are the best place to go to.
I'm looking for knitting patterns in very large sizes. Most I've seen
go to x-large or xx-large which doesn't work for me or my husband.
Does anyone know of a source for larger sizes? Or, failing that, an
easy way to enlarge a pattern, that's something I've never done
before. I've been knitting for almost 40 years, but I've never gone
past the intermediate stage.
I love my shop owner and we have knitting sessions there several times
a week, but I'd rather not have to share my measurements with everyone
Please email me at with any info you have,
because I may forget to check the group. Thanks for anyone and
everyone's help in advance.
Jodie Thomas
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This site -
formatting link
has links to larger size patterns, and a mailing list. There's also the book Big Girl Knits.sue
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Thank you so much, that site had some great links for patterns and info on enlarging patterns.
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Vermont Fiber Designs - most of their patterns go up to 6X and they have some lovely women's patterns.
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Hi Alison,
What a wondereful site! Thanks so much for taking the time to guide me there.
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