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This was posted to rec.food.cooking a little while ago. If you've a message for Pastorio, now's the time. I'm copying and pasting it.
- - - - - - - - "I've "known" Bob for years and received this message this morning from a mutual friend.
We've never met, but I've heard of you; I'm Bob Pastorio's wife. I have bad news, and he asked me to pass the news along to you personally since he considers you a friend.
Bob is very ill. Actually, he's dying. It started with some vague symptoms in December and was finally diagnosed as metastatic cancer in February. He started palliative chemotherapy two weeks ago, but the oncologist told us yesterday that his liver was failing and sent him home to die. He has "days to weeks" to live.
He wanted to tell you himself, but he's very weak at the moment.
He's not checking email or his mailing lists, and I've been dealing with a lot of inquiries from his family, so I started a blog to keep everyone up to date,
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It has more of the story, and I'll continue to update it until the end and/or funeral.
He's doing all right under the circumstances. He's not in pain, and he has a lot of emotional support from family and friends.
I've asked Matthew Hill to pass the news along to the FoodWine group. If there are any other mailing lists that you and Bob share, I'd be grateful if you'd pass the news to them. Bob isn't reading email or his mailing lists, but I'm reading him the blog comments, if people want to leave a message.
Sorry to be the bearer of such news. Bob sends his best and says he's glad he knew you.
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Dave Bell
THAT is sad. He always had such good recipes/tips etc.
If I remember right on the low carb group he posted method for making your own yogurt that was both carb/fat free.
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ms. tonya

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