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Fish Lip Pliers - Nantucket Brand
I have been searching for days for a pair of Fish Lip Pliers used for stain glass but can not find them anywhere. I have searched ebay, froogle, newgroups (including this one), everywhere I could...
14 years ago 12
old to the hobby, new to this group. Pattern question
Hey Group, I am looking for a true to life patter for a heron (no not the fish - herring- but the bird). Sorry about the poor humor, but that's what my neighbor's husband refers to her favorite bird....
14 years ago 3
Vintage book Glass Paperweights FA
Old Glass Paperweights ,Their Art,Construction & Distingguishing Evangeline H Bergstrom.Ex lib,otherwise a good solid copy. 132 Publishers New York. Nice old reference book on mainly the older type of...
14 years ago
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
stained glass conference
Stained glass conference Albany,NY July 21-24
14 years ago
non waterproof compound
Hey all, i am trying to attach glass to plastic so as to allow it to fall away/off if imersed in water, yet strong enough to hold up against wind. Any ideas? m water soluble glue. elmers, wheat paste,...
14 years ago 3
WTB: Felt Polishing Wheel
I'm looking for a 16" diameter (or larger) vertical felt wheel for bevel polishing. Needs to be 3" across the polishing face, or so. New or good used would be OK. Cheap is good.
14 years ago
glass grinder
I am a beginner looking for a used grinder for stained glass work, preferably a Wizling. Anybody in the Vancouver,Canada area have a used one gathering dust? Ebay is your friend!
14 years ago 1
Lamp shade hardware
I have a beautiful Tiffany lamp shade that was made for me by a relative. I want to put it on a floor lamp. It has a 4 inch opening on top. I am having a horrible time finding the hardware for...
14 years ago 13
Want to know-How was this done?
I started stained glass after retireing as a hobby,since my sight is not that good anymore I use 1/4"foil and know it is thicker then I wished I could use. Seen a tv show,where a glass artist made...
14 years ago 6
Sand blasting glass??
Hi, Any experts out there?? what type of Grit. what do you use to mask off parts? What psi etc. thanks for any help. bg
14 years ago
best beginner grinder
I am trying to decide what to buy for my beginning kit for making stained glass objects. One thing that I am unsure about is which grinder to start with. Any help in this area is appreciated. Thanks,...
14 years ago 5
Painting Question
This isn't my area of expertise, so bear with me. I need to recreate a kind of spider-webby looking black on clear design for some damaged church windows. Different thickness black lines in a hand...
14 years ago 14
Printing on glass
Help! This is a little off topic. Does anyone out there know of a portable printer that can print to glass. The glass would need to be optical quality. The image would need to be heat and UV...
14 years ago 4
Get listed on Google Local (its free)
Hey fellow glassers - we need to get the attention of the powers that be at Google local. There's no way to list our businesses under stained glass. The closest caategory is windows - installation and...
14 years ago