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microwave kilns?
Hello all, I've seen an ad for a kiln which goes in the microwave to fuse small glass objects. has anyone tried one? Any issues, problems? Is it practical? I wish to fuse belt buckles and the medium...
11 years ago 2
Using glass for Sci-Fi pendants
Wanted to show off my new sci-fi pendants, using dichroic glass and watch parts... in news:3230908e-4afa-49ad-a0e3- I don't get teh "steampunk" thing but the pieces are interesting. I'd like to see a...
11 years ago 1
Patina verus metal-paint...?
Hi, all, I have tried using Patina on copper-foil pieces, but wasnt' all that impressed with it. I do know that metal paint (specifically, Rustoleum brand enamels) seem to totally seal the surface AND...
11 years ago 2
Seeking Glass Instructors-Boston
Willoughby and Baltic in Somerville, MA will be expanding its course offerings to include beadmaking, lampworking, stained glass, glass blowing, fusing/slumping, mosaics and neon. Our glass studio is...
11 years ago
ceramic kilns: heard they are not compatible with glass???
Hello, I was recently informed that once a kiln is used for ceramics, it can not be used for glass: is this true???? Thanks in advance Larry no. "Larry" schreef in bericht news: | Hello, | | I was...
11 years ago 4
slumping glass: how to???
I am wanting to slump glass. I would like to know where I can learn all of the processes whether it be a school, a book, the web ???? thank you in advance for any info. Larry Slumping itself is not so...
11 years ago 9
making laminated glass tubes
Hi! I have glass tubes filled with liquid CO2 at high pressure and need to make it safe in case the tube explodes. Currently I put it in a protective polycarbonate tube, but I'm worried the PC might...
11 years ago 11
Diy Kiln
Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the parts to build a custom kiln. I'm looking for fire bricks, heating elements, and the holders for the elements so that they can be hung from the lid. also any...
11 years ago 3
crazy wildass idea
Anybody ever melt a glass object down into a puddle, let it cool, and work with the resultant sheet of glass? I found something.... You may search archives with the key word pot melt -lauri The result...
11 years ago 3
FS: Jen Ken af 24 e glass kiln - $800 DFW FTF Only
Jen Ken af 24 e 24" glass kiln. Used maybe 4 times... $800.00 FIRM Am NOT desperate and will accept no less.. Paid around $1200 new for this..Will not respond to lowball offers.. You can look at specs...
11 years ago
TICKETS ON SALE NOW 19 - 20 - 21 - 2009The Woodland Zoo & MoreFarmington, PA 15437724.516.2751 Only Flags and Staffs of the Indigenous First Nations will be posted at this event. This is a Native...
11 years ago
Meissen Porcelain
My grandmother left me a porcelain figurine of a girl that she said was made by Meissen circa 1795. Can any of you identify it? On Feb 14, 5:24=A0pm, "Stevie Ray J." wrote: Is the crossed sword mark...
11 years ago 3
Form for banker's lamp
Does anyone know where I can get a form (for copper foil construction) for a banker's lamp shade? Thanks, Glassman
11 years ago
Job glass?
Hey does anyone remember those little squares of plaid glass? They are labeled as Job glass. As I was cleaning and reorganizing my workroom I found some I have had a long time. I don't remember if...
11 years ago 1
I'm looking for information resources tools on making jars
by making jars I mean especially how the lids of jars are threaded, tools for doing so. Thanks, Bryan Rasmussen I believe that molten glass is poured into molds that have the threads and any raised...
11 years ago 7