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purchased online pattern
I purchased an image online. I was emailed a link to pattern maker viewer and my image. I downloaded both, but can't get my image recognized by I suspect you're more likely to get help...
6 years ago 1
A crochet challenge
Interesting use of crochet! . I can't *imagine* how long it would take to figure out how to do all those shapes! Not to mention the actual crochet time. Did you check out some of the other links shown...
6 years ago 1
Sad news
After a long battle with COPD my dear wife Maureen passed away in her sleep at 1am on Wednesday 16 July. She had been bed-ridden for over a week and on Monday the doctor fitted a pump to deliver...
6 years ago 9
County fair wins
I've uploaded pics to rctnp of my wins at the county fair. They're at the very end of my album. Is anyone else having trouble with yahoo not showing all the pics in an album? I keep getting white...
6 years ago
Guerilla knitters strike again
Guerilla knitters strike at the library in Kirkwall (Orkney, UK).
6 years ago
Independence Day
Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope you all have a great time celebrating! And a belated Happy July 1st to our Canadian friends, too! Joan I worked for 3 hours yesterday, went to the grocery store and...
6 years ago 1
Someone's b-d!
Ha! I actually got this out ahead of time! It's PatP's b-d on Saturday. She was having 'puter problems and still hasn't figured out how to get back on the ng. If any of you have her email, you can...
6 years ago
Aberdeen bride knits her own wedding dress
I it really knit? Looks more like crochet to me!
6 years ago 1
Time for "What are you stitching?"
We haven't had this topic for awhile, so thought it was time again. Currently I'm working on "Mice babies birth announcement" for a coworker. Criminys, I didn't think this pattern was *that*...
6 years ago 13
Utterly crackers
Knitted wool is dangerous, it can bend lamp-posts (according to the council!). .
6 years ago
What is the easiest sort of needlework to learn? Is it knitting? Crochet? Embroidery? Tatting? What? Thanks to anyone who answers I started out doing embroidery at 3 or 4; machine sewing at 5;...
6 years ago 12
Cross stitch with a difference!
Hah, love it! Julie
6 years ago 1
Dang! I missed it!
Sorry, Karen, I missed your birthday, sooooo, Happy belated birthday to yoooouuuu, Happy belated birthday to yoooooouuuuuu, Happy belated biiiirthdaaaay, deeeaaaar Kaaareeenn, Haaappyyyy belated...
6 years ago
Stores in Southern Illinois and St. Louis, MO area
Like the subject line says, I am looking for some good cross stitch and/or needlework stores in the southern Illinois, Fairview Heights Illinois, and St. Louis Missouri areas. Any help would be...
6 years ago 2
RIP, Jasmine
My dog, Jasmine, went over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I got her as a pup for Mother's Day in 2001 and it was the day after Mother's Day when she left us. 13 is pretty old for a lab, so she had a...
6 years ago 12