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polish pottery souppliers
Hi my name is Justyna ,i would like to know where in Poland can i get prime materials , glazes, look at the kilns , meet up with people related to anybody help me please?thank you!:) Hi my name is...
13 years ago 8
gnome molds
hi, new here, I am interested in finding bisque molds for gnomes and mushrooms in USA. I dont know that much about this stuff, only that my sister has worked a kiln for years, and none of her local...
13 years ago 1
"Shaping clay into pottery"
Shaping clay into pottery at
13 years ago
glaze gone bad
Hi Everyone, Can glazes go bad? I have a glaze that was real nice when it was new (two years ago). Now it seems to have gone bad. The pots with this glaze on them come out of the kiln with what looks...
13 years ago 12
^10 - light reduction glazes
I recently switched studios from one that did ^10 heavy-reduction to one that does ^10 light-reduction. I tried a bunch of test tiles using glazes from my previous studio (i.e., heavy reduction) and...
13 years ago 5
CBR-3 (John Post's Revision of Tom Buck's Cream Breaking Red)
Glaze name: CBR-3 (John Post's Revision of Tom Buck's Cream Breaking Red) Cone: 6-7 Firing: Oxidation Recipe: 30.6 Frit 3134 26.6 Custer feldspar 10.6 Wollastonite 2.3 Talc 3.3 Strontium carbonate 8.4...
13 years ago
Throwing - out of center - why?
Hi Okay - I have started throwing on my wheel again. But I keep getting these LUMPS of clay that seem like they are weighted on one side, even though I have spiral wedged them for at least 10-15...
13 years ago 7
Shimaoka Work On Ebay
Please check out the listing: at a low price. No reserve Lee In Mashiko, Japan
13 years ago
Low-fire lead-free glazes?
Hi. I was looking at Charles Gillespie's Cone04 - Low Fire Pottery Book (2nd ed.), and noticed that most of the glaze recipes contain "white lead." Does anyone know of a source of low-fire LEAD-FREE...
13 years ago 3
Hi Everyone, I just got a raku kiln. My problem is I can't tell when it's time to turn it off and reduce the pots. I have a peephole but I really don't know what to look for. Can anyone help me? Thank...
13 years ago 3
Pottery 101 - input and opinions?
Hi again, everyone. I appologize to those of you that are getting tired of me mentioning my YouTube videos in here, but others seem to appreciate me keeping them updated, and I appreciate the feedback...
13 years ago
Greetings from The Clay Empire! I honor your insight!
Greetings again from THE CLAY EMPIRE! I have valued all the great insight and really interesting work and people I have found online at this group! I recently after 3 years of business sat down and...
13 years ago
Castable clay
What type of clay and any other materials do I need to buy to make a pourable or castable clay ? I have a rubber mold that will produce a tile about 8" X 8" X 3/4". The finished tile is a relief...
13 years ago 9
what now with my plaster man?
Hi all- in the process of patching walls, and therefore in an effort to keep from going utterly mad, i used the leftover plaster each day to create a thing that pleases me. have a look here: the...
13 years ago 5
glaze ingredient
Hi All, I have a recipe for a glaze that calls for R 10. I made the glaze and love it on a certain clay and I showed the piece to a friend. He wanted the recipe so I gave it to him and he asked me...
13 years ago 5