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Looking for a used pottery's wheel
My wife is taking her 2nd set of classes in pottery & I'd like to find a used wheel for her to use at home. Can anyone suggest a good source for such equipment, either via mail order (especially with...
14 years ago 4
Wood & Sons
I recently found two plates in my loft with the below information on them. My mother can date these back to at least 1900. The plates have a crown on them, with the below written underneath the crown:...
14 years ago 1
Hello, I invite everybody to type "heat retentive plates" in Google to learn about a plate that you preheat for just one minute and stays HOT for 1/2 hour while the rim remains cool for easy handling....
14 years ago 3
Fire Clay?
My local brickyard has bags of something called "Fire clay" which they instruct me to mix with portland cement to make a fire brick. I suspect that this is wrong (or useful only for fireplaces). My...
14 years ago 9
Hello, I have invented a new type of ceramic "heat retentive plate" that you preheat in a microwave oven for just one minute, it stays HOT for 1/2 HOUR and the rim remains cool for easy handling....
14 years ago 17
high fire with no bisque firing?????
We're going to fire some hand-made tiles to cone 4 or 5, but intend that they should be unglazed. Is there any reason to go through the usual cycle of bisque-firing, cool down, and then high fire if...
14 years ago 5
carving wax formulas
Hello, can someone please send me carving wax formulas? tnx. I thought that plain beeswax was used for carving, unfortunately I don't have experience in this craft to offer any further recommendation.
14 years ago 1
Test Kiln?
In my process of trying to test out the wild clay I spoke about earlier, I have built a small test kiln. It has changed shape several times in two days, but the basic premise is a two inch cube of...
14 years ago 4
Wild clay?
I have found some clay near my home, but it is sandy and grey. Is it of any use and/or is there a way to clean it up somewhat? TIA
14 years ago
Pottery and potters on postcards
Due to the number of offerings, our illustrated pricelist for pottery and potters on post cards now has its own webpage at you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to have a look at theinformation...
14 years ago
Sustainable Birdhouses
Consider birdhouses made from reused materials.
14 years ago
Shimaoka and Munakata on Ebay
Please check out my ebay listings. The pot is one of the last Shimaokas I will be putting up: Munakata catalog: in Mashiko, Japan
14 years ago
Anyone ever embed wire mesh in the clay for support?
I'm thinking of creating a guitar body in clay and wonder if anyone has ever used wire screening inside of the clay for structural support. I fire to cone 7 and assume that the wire would likely melt...
14 years ago 10
Sealent for clay pieces
Hi, I am doing a "cave painting" clay piece with air dry clay and I want to paint on it. Could you tell me what kind of sealent I should use that would give me a clear, matte finish? Also, should I...
14 years ago
Collectible vintage tea cups
Set 1: 2:
14 years ago