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Fermenting Crock
I just received three 100 year old Fermenting Crocks. They are 10-1/8" high, 6" in diameter, 1/2" thick sides, and weigh 5 lbs. It does not appear that they have been used in the last 40 years so...
14 years ago 5
Reference for paperclay
Hello -- Does anyone know of a good reference book for paperclay? Your help is much appreciated! As somebody mentioned, Check: , it lists reference books too :o)Andrea Thanks Andrea!
14 years ago 2
Hi! I got a recipe and ingredients to make paper clay from my teacher, but it doesn't work - it always loosens after firing! If it is just thin places, can I "just" add some clay, dry and refire to...
14 years ago 18
"I bisque to cone 06 and glaze to cone 5 or 6. I soak for 30 minutes in both cases." what do you mean by soak? dana Soak is to hold at a given temperature for a certain amount of time. You should be...
14 years ago 24
I am new to the group and relativly new to pottery. Could you explain what is meant by "reduction glazes". Does it have something to do with the shrinkage? dana Reduction involves any method which...
14 years ago 2
My first home-firing!
Hi everyone! I got a little top-loading kiln for my birthday (spoiled, I am!) and did my first firing to 1050 degrees C this weekend. It was a mixed bisque and glaze firing and went very well. I have...
14 years ago 12
Bottoms becoming rounded in firing
Hi all! Been away for a while, but now I am back! I got a kiln for my birthday - just a little, used one, but it works a treat! I make these round little things am having trouble with the bottoms.I...
14 years ago 10
Tool question for newbie ....
Hi I am new to this group and pottery I am wondering if there is any tool available to form clay in the shape of ceramic tiles seen on roofs. this is for buidling a small clay house. Please email the...
14 years ago 3
This is to share the beginning of a new webpage: ANTIQUE GEOMETRIC QUILT DESIGNS & PATCHWORK BLOCKS Line Drawings Blocks Patched with Sample Fabrics Grid Sizing Full Quilt Tiling Free Download A...
14 years ago
Copper Question
Hello -- I'm fairly new to the group and I am enjoying it inmensly. I know Copper Oxides added to a base and fired in reduction will often result in reds. I was wondering whether or not just applying...
14 years ago 15
Newbie Adventure Report
Thanks to some great advice from this newsgroup -- and to a touch of blind luck -- my bisque firing succeeded! We opened th kiln yesterday afternoon. I had a dozen or so items appx 16" tall plus many...
14 years ago 6
Thank you to everyone, for your excellent advice on moulds.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAM.
14 years ago
Happy St. Valentine's Day Y'all
What a cool holiday! You can make all the romantic gestures your heart desires with no fears of a sexual harrasment lawsuit. And there's chocolate! So have at it and fulfill your secret urges and fill...
14 years ago
Mushroom house?
Does anyone know where I can find this plaster mushroom house? Here is the photo, very cute:
14 years ago
Question about mold casting
A friend of mine inherited a huge cache of plaster molds from an aunt who was much into casting all kinds of doo-dahs in them, then firing them and glazing them. He also inherited an automatic...
14 years ago 3