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Ash Glazes
Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help with a 'not so sticky' problem I've recently encountered: I've used ash glazes a few times in the past and decided to have another go at them as I now have access...
14 years ago 5
flashing from glazes
HI all, I wonder if anyone knows how to achieve the effect of colour flashing on a stoneware oxidised glaze. There is a perfect example on e-bay of brown glaze with orange flashing. The item number on...
14 years ago 6
Newbie about to embark on adventure
Now I finally have enough to fill a kiln for a bisq firing as soon as everything is dry. It will be my second attempt. The first time (sad to have to admit) I thought cone 06 was the kiln controller's...
14 years ago 8
New to group/salt glaze question
Hi, I'm new to this group and enjoyed reading some of the past posts. have been doing stoneware pottery in an electric kiln for about 5 year now. My husband cooks down maple syrup on a woodfired...
14 years ago 8
Travel aid
Check out for some of the best travel site has everybody there which saves a lot of time. Sounds good but URL did not work. Tried pasting but no luck. Tried entering it - did not work ?
14 years ago 1
A great onestop spot
Here is a site that was definitely worth checking out at !
14 years ago
Hi All, hope you are all I use a glass dish as a mould,or should it always be a plaster mould? Sam......... If this is to be a hump or slump mold, where you just drape a sheet of clay over the mold...
14 years ago 6
byron seasonal plates
Does anyone know where I can find a ceramic unpainted set of byron seasonal plates? Also I'm looking for a piece that is a bust that I call the sea captain. I did these years ago and want to get back...
14 years ago
glaze question
Hi Everyone, A friend asked me to make her an African violet pot. She loaned me one of hers which was made in Thaland to see what one looked like since I had never seen a pot made just for that...
14 years ago 4
Hey guys, our mother board died and we replaced it, I have just set everything up again, posted yesterday but it did not appear so I am just testing to see if this will. Annemarie
14 years ago
Hi guys, I have been away for a while because the mother board on our computer died and needed replacing. Glad to be back. Annemarie good to see you again? where's chris been? haven't seen her here in...
14 years ago 4
Regarding glazing and its secrets!
After browsing or reading about couple of dozen books on pottery, I took my first class just yesterday. This early on it is very aparent to me that the glazing on a piece of formed clay can make or...
14 years ago 1
Newbie killed a pot
I told you a couple of weeks back about a large urn I coil-built. Well it's been drying slowly in the shed and I've been looking and it and I decided I didn't much like it. I was happy with the...
14 years ago
^10 reduction
Hello, The Studio I work at has purchased an Olympic Torchbearer kiln. We'll be firing to ^10. I haven't had that luxury for 13 years. I've been working in ^04-^6 electric using mostly commercial...
14 years ago 9
Farnham White Raku recipe
Does anyone have a good Farnham White recipe that does not take too long to come to maturity. I have a recipe of H.A. Frit (77), Whiting(14) and Ball Clay (9). This seems to take about double the...
14 years ago 3