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interior coming ONLY TWO years
Our couny governments all amounts have put in effect that your series connected with policy procedures push forward and also the development pushing the semiconductor lights indusy,'lighted sign' (),...
9 years ago
Yixing Dragon Kilns
A while back i blogged about dragon kilns in Yixing and thought i'll share the link here too:
9 years ago Helps Artists to Get Discovered
Display your Crafts and Pottery online Upload, Discover, Share. =95Set up a FREE profile, create galleries, and build a fan base. =95Easily upload an unlimited amount of artwork & photography for...
9 years ago
DIY Kiln Controller
Hi - just wondered if anyone has come across any diy plans for an electric kiln controller using an embedded controller? I'm in the process of trying to make one, but it would be nice to see some...
9 years ago 10
$75.00 slab roller
I guess I'll just get some friends to start using this forum. I joined to see if anyone would critique my new web site. I'm building a little wood slab roller and selling it for $75.00. I thought I...
9 years ago 1
Jemez Pueblo Tamales-Frito Pie-Frybread & Pottery!!
Jemez Pueblo, over on the South side of the Jemez Mountains, NM has some very gifted potters. Flo Yepa and her sister Jenny are two such artisians. They also manage and own Grandmas Tamale and...
10 years ago 1
New Crafter's Center
I've finally finished building the extension to our Crafter's Corner at the Crafter's Center. It's intended strictly for crafter's ofall types to build their own online blogging includes eShop, which...
10 years ago
Retrospective Exhibition of Shoji Hamada
Retrospective Exhibition of Shoji Hamada, National Living Treasureof Japan. Difficult to find, published in 1977 by The National Museum Of Modern Art, Tokyo. This retrospective occured during Hamada's...
10 years ago
present and accounted for
were busy trying to sell pots, its been a tough christmas, but we'll make do... (im having a sale on christmas bisque) (BG)
10 years ago
Anybody Home?
Just wondering if anybody is watching the list. Lee In Minneapolis On Thu, 7 Jan 2010 11:25:49 -0800 (PST), "Lee In Apparently, not too many of us! Wonder where everyone went? Best regards, Bob Masta...
10 years ago 2
Artist Looking for feedback
Hi, My other half is a sculptor in ceramics. I've recently built her a website which is now online. She's very critical of her own work and we've had to PUSH hard to get her to showcase her talents....
10 years ago 1
Bienal de aveiro - Portugal
Contest and meeting of artistic ceramics in Portugal.
10 years ago
LAST HOURS: Mrazek Czechoslavakian Peasant Art Plates / Cups / Bowl
Mrazek Czechoslavakian Peasant Art Plates / Cups / Bowl Czech Pottery Original / Vintage & rare pieces Star Wars Set GREEN w/ Obscene Card C3PO Vintage's Sports Illustrated Cards / Mantle / Mays /...
10 years ago
gersley borate
anybody know of a bulk supplier for borate? ive finished up my 50lb sack and my supplier cant get anymore/// tia, Moose, Moose Studios pottery Have you tried other borates? I've been happy with...
11 years ago 2
unusual spatterware beer jar
I have recently adquired a ceramic beer jar that presents details that confuses me a little. I have been studying this jar and its design and the techniques are characteristic of the very well known...
11 years ago