$75.00 slab roller

I guess I'll just get some friends to start using this forum.
I joined to see if anyone would critique my new web site. I'm building
a little wood slab roller and selling it for $75.00. I thought I would
get a lot of takers but I'm not having much luck. I thought someone
here might go to my site and offer some suggestions. Many of my friends
own my little slab roller and I have sold several and everyone seems to
love them, but I'm not getting the landslide I thought I would.
If anyone does come here would you go to
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give me some feed back on what you think.
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Pat King
How does one use this unit? What is the function of the wooden dowel rod on the side... is that some kind of handle? (Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but it doesn't look like it would clear the table top if turned.) What are the advantages of this unit over my trusty rolling pin and shim collection?
Perhaps some step-by-step shots would help clarify things. I'm guessing that those who are already familiar with slab rollers will already have a bigger commercial unit, so maybe focus your pitch to the rest of us. (Or am I the only one who doesn't already know all about slab rollers? I've seen plenty of photos of commercial ones in all the pottery magazines, but I've never seen one in action.)
Good-looking site!
Best regards,
Bob Masta DAQARTA v6.00 Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
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Bob Masta

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