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Re: Derek, Port O Kiln?
Hi I have a porta kiln and having so much trouble to get it past 1000 degrees. I have fired it fir 4 years and it really is a bit hopeless. Not sure if you have any helpful ideas. As I live gas kilns...
11 months ago
Model 181 Skutt Electric Kiln
I'm buying a kiln to start an at home studio, I added the make and model to the title. I don't know much about kilns. Is this worth the craigslist purchase? Does anyone have a manual on this? Can...
3 years ago
Brent Slab Roller SR 36
have a brand new never used brent sr36 slab roller for sale $1200. Will trade for large coffin type kiln . Call or tex Bill at 252-475-0146 in nc
5 years ago
Port-O-Kiln Manual for
Hello all, I recently inherited an old Port O Kiln model SLP-40. The problem is, it came with no manual and the number and email address I was given to order one are not working. Can anyone help me...
5 years ago
Ceramic Transfers
Hi, I'm beginning a new collaborative project with an Illustrator and to be able to capture the detail of her drawing's I want to use transfers within the work but I'm really struggling to find...
5 years ago
slab roller
I have a new in the crate Brent SR 36 slab roller for sale for $1200-tex or call bill at 252-475-0146
6 years ago
Has anyone used old washing machine wringers for clay slab rollers?
As a beginning potter I am considering using an old washing machine wringer for use in slab making. Does anyone have any experience in this method? Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen one of...
6 years ago 1
Pottery Kiln, what's it worth? Inherited
Hello, I inherited this kiln from my Grandad and want to know what it's roughly worth so i can put a reserve when i sell it on ebay please. I believe it matches this kiln: This is mine: Thanks so much...
7 years ago
Recognize This Mark?
Does anyone recognize the pottery mark in this photo? Seller claims it is Gladding McBean, but it really doesn't look like a GMB piece to me. Also, what is the best book out there for identifying...
7 years ago
Re-Collection - CJ Niehaus
Saw a great ceramic art show recently called Re-Collections. Porcelain with underglaze drawings on them. CJ has many of these images on her website at Has anyone seen similar work? Thanks, Drighten...
7 years ago
I've found this while working in my house [built ~1782, on the ruins of an older down-burnt building in Central Europe, Austria]. Could this be an early mark of Spode? The sherd is the upper part of...
7 years ago
Want to get rid of a kiln - Advice needed please!
I am a governor at an infant school in Essex and we have a kiln that we wish to get rid of. It is rarely used as the children use air drying clay nowadays. The kiln is by Hymus Engineering and is a 2M...
8 years ago 1
Slab roller
I bought a Bailey Basic 20 Slab roller at a sale and I would like to know if anyone has any infomation on it. The slab roller is in great condition. I think I need some kind of shims. Please help....
8 years ago
ICS kiln manual
Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone could help me find a manual and/or parts for my kiln. I was given a small octogon kiln several years ago and am just now in a place...
8 years ago
Lime rotary kiln wins the favor of energy-saving environmental protection industry
With the competitiveness of rotary kiln equipment manufacturers becoming more and more intense, Energy- saving rotary kiln have come into being. The rotary kiln process equipment has a huge potential...
9 years ago 3