Has anyone used old washing machine wringers for clay slab rollers?

As a beginning potter I am considering using an old washing machine wringer for
use in slab making.
Does anyone have any experience in this method?
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen one of those! (Also been a long time since there has been any activity in this group... )
My (dim) recollection is that the rollers are spring-loaded, not a fixed distance apart. I'd think that would mean the slab thickness would not be constant, due to vagaries in clay density and the rate you fed it into the rollers. But there's probably a way to replace the springs with some sort of fixed spacers.
If not, you might still use the wringers for all but the last pass, which would use tried-and-true "rolling pin over two wooden spacer rails" method. (Which some of us use for the whole process!)
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