heaviest thread used reliably in home sewing machines ?

I am trying to find the heaviest thread people have experience
using reliably in home sewing machines.
the home machine will be either a pfaff 1475, singer T&S 600e ,
401a or similar
I am making some slip covers and such with light to medium weight
upholstery or decorator type fabrics and wanted to use the
heaviest thread i could reliably use in a home sewing machine.
I have made similar things with standard C&C thread for myself
**BUT** i am making some of these for the **inlaws** and i want
to use something heavier than what i typically use for myself so
that i do not need to worry with fragile seams and subsequent
The motivation for my question was ---
I stumbled across some #42 weight nylon and a poly thread that
was advertised as an alternative to using #69 upholstery thread
which most home machines including the ones mentioned do not
handle very well.
anyone have any advice about this #42 thread ?
thanks for any helpful advice,
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On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 21:38:28 -0400 in alt.sewing, "robb" wrote,
I sew with Gutermann polyester upholstery thread all the time from the rack at JoAnns. I don't know what numerical weight it is. It will _not_ break. My old Montgomery Ward machine may be stronger than some models.
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David Harmon
I have used Empress Mills polycore 75 successfully with heavier weight fabrics on sofa and other cushions, but it isn't really necessary. I've also used standard 100 weight polycore in the sewing machine, with the same in the serger and used a 4 thread serged stitch to do the edges after giving the stuff a 'safety seam' in the standrd thread. There have been no tales of woe and busted stitches so far.
Get some and experiment? Is it cheap enough just to write off a single reel if it doesn't work?
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Thanks David,
i looked that up and found it to be Metric 40 which translates roughly to the T-70/75/80 or #69 thread but Gutermann thread seem to run a bit finer or smaller so it may be easier on the old home machine after all.
thanks for the help, robb
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necessary. I've
with the
a single
Thanks Kate,
great point. i already have many experimental sewing purchases... a spool of thread will be the least of those errors.
i suppose my main concern was i thought i had been sewing long enough to know most of the sewing options available and i had never heard of this #42 strong but *home machine* friendly thread and am stil holding out for the magic transformation of my home machine into a semi-industrial :D
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