interior coming ONLY TWO years

Our couny governments all amounts have put in effect that your series
connected with policy procedures push forward and also the development
pushing the semiconductor lights indusy,'lighted sign'
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, and among them government funddives towards to our own couny indusial progress of semiconductor lighthas provided play to the huge effect, and sees that the input regardinggovernment pay for chiefly provides 3 forms of forms at the presenttime: The ONE, scientific exploration item finances are reinforced2,'neon light sign'
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, wonderfulequipment can be purchased this fund subsidy SEVERAL, the product orservice is applied the subsidy. Along at the new financial backgroundusing under that indusial growth situation,'LED signage'
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, that the costa rica government fundwith all the what sort of method input can be actually far better solvesLED's lights technology, cost as well as system integration problem ofopportunity production, and it's also machine-processed that willestablishment conserve energy subacts platoon head effect working.promotes the innovation capacity dependent associated with enterprise,as well as realizes this indusial campaign of aditional light, andcultivate the new and getting indusy,'neon sign'
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, promotes indusial format healthquite gives play for the bigger relation to policy and the indusialadvancement peak interacting with, economizes the actual science andalso technology hall development approach place in addition to howincludes field Xie Du with 2011 FIVE. 5 one hundred dollars million yuanaround government inside the Guangdong province to the semiconductoreffects domain around Guangdong The demonsation popularization ofhigh-power LED's seet table lamp The eco-friendly illuminationmetropolis action plan ( interior coming ONLY TWO years, select entiremunicipal adminisation seet table lamps of TEN ground with which hascondition degree citys along with whole LEDization involving publicbrightness ) > > Economizes plus meets tips on how to popularize as wellas apply LED's merchandise surveyor's post index within Guangdong. Theindusy attaining alliance arena Xie Du China and taiwan " 16 " anysemiconductor lighting development program is ground from the nationsemiconductor enlightening engineering.
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