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All dried up...
Dear all, It is the height of summer here in Athens. I am the newbie who posted a few days ago with firing questions. I have my clay [1] in big plastic bins, but it has (after about a month) got too...
17 years ago 5
Re: Glaze retouching
I did a similar thing once...glazed a teapot and held on to the teapot's handle while glazing the body. The teapot was glazed with a sandstone colour. When fired to cone 06, the handle came out...
17 years ago
Horse hair
I was just in North Carolina and came across some "horse hair" pots. They were in white, blue and green with black veins. My question is, how were these done and what does horse hair have to do with...
17 years ago 2
Giffen Grip Question
I would like everyone's opinions on using a Giffen Grip for trimming. Thanks! I have usually found that the people who criticise the GG haven't used one or can't afford ove Regards John Webb It has...
17 years ago 7
Where can I sell a pugmill??
Hi, I'll stress to begin with that I'm not expert in pottery, but my old man has a pugmill, in full working order. I believe it compacts all the spare left over bits of clay and makes then usable...
17 years ago
Bisque firing temp?
Is there a general rule about what temp (cone) to fire to the bisque stage? For example, is it usually one cone under what you would use for glaze? I have some clay that is Cone 5 and it seems I read...
17 years ago 7
taking health risks seriously , silicosis
After potting for nearly 20 years and not taking enough care with my old gas kiln, I have inhaled rather allot of silica over the years,this has affected my breathing , tomorrow I get the results of...
17 years ago 2
Re: glue to repair clay wine cooler (wine brique)
Look for "Gorilla Glue." I think it would probably work. A testimonial on their site claims to have had success repairing clay pots: mother's house was held together with Gorilla Glue. :-)Liz Araldite...
17 years ago 4
New crafts group
Everyone welcome at this brand new group for crafts - discussions, patterns, hints, tips etc.. Come and take a peek.
17 years ago
Re: Pottery Books...again.
On Fri, 04 Jul 2003 03:24:20 GMT, Randy Rhine wrote: Wot no shipping charge to the UK ?? Nice pictures of the birds ..... but I am very intrigued, you call them Robins ?? We in the UK call them...
17 years ago
Calculating shrinkage
Is there a fairly simple, but most importantly, very accurate way to figure shrinkage? I would love to know how to be sure the finished piece would fit, say a ring for large water urns, spigots, lamp...
17 years ago 7
Historic pottery receipts
The Household Cyclopedia of 1881 has a chapter on pottery: contains the following headings: To manufacture English Stoneware, To make Yellow or Queensware, To manufacture English Porcelain, To make...
17 years ago
Re: Fire
You could try the local 6th form college/FE centre, see if they've got a ceramics/pottery dept and ask the technician nicely..Techs are usually cool people. Love Eddie
17 years ago
Pottery equipement for sale?
I live in Belgium and I wanted to know if there is anyone nearby (Belgium- Germany-Netherlands- Luxemburg)who want to sell me a full - or a part - equipement. My wife want to start the pottery hobby,...
17 years ago
Crystaline glaze "problem?"
Hi All, I just did my first crystalline glaze firing (glaze formula and firing schedule below) and for the most part I am very happy with the results I got. The one problem is that the glaze that...
17 years ago 1