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Back Issues of Lapidary Journal - not OT
Am looking for the following back issues of Lapidary Journal - these issues contain articles on raku beads and techniques: October 1995 September 1999 March 2000 August 2001 March 2002 I'll gladly...
14 years ago
Hello All
Hello, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I have just joined the group. I found google groups today and was pleasantly surprised to find one dedicated to my passion! I work out of a corner of my...
14 years ago 15
Pants leg idea from Dewitt - oops - sorry
I have been miss-attributing this idea to coming from one of the Steve's. In doing an archive search I found this. Sorry about that. It was a Steve (not a regular I think) who generated the thread...
14 years ago 4
getting started at home
I'd like to get started making pottery at home. I enjoyed my class on pottery when I was in high school, but they never taught us the ins and outs of finding electric wheels, kilns, the different...
14 years ago 12
Merry Christmas and Happy New year
Won't be online for a while, christmas beckons. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and the new year brings joy and lots of wonderful pottery. Cheers Annemarie Happy Chanukah, Joyous Winter/Summer...
14 years ago 6
Christmas candles?
I spent half the day searching local stores, the other half searching google for some of those window candles with electric lights that are made out of porcelain or ceramic. I would think that someone...
14 years ago 2
porcelain bisque blanks for dinner ware
I need a source for unglazed porcelain bisque ware which I can decorate and fire to cone 5 (not 05). What I most want is dinner plates, salad plates and soup/desert bowls. All I seem to find is...
14 years ago 2
Potterycasting ... New Episode
Folks- Just put up an end-of-the-year potter podcast at: and Happy Holidays- John ()
14 years ago
i love andrewalcock
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14 years ago 1
Low Fire Pottery
Can someone/anyone recommend a good book on low-fire pottery -- e.g., throwing/hand-building, glazes/glazing, firing, kiln recommendations, etc... Thanks. Rick It depends how low you want to go. If...
14 years ago 1
Janice James Raku Artist
Hi, Here is a link to the updated website of Janice James, the raku ceramic artist. suggestions/comments would be very much appreciated. Regards Dylan All I got was a set of links on the left, and an...
14 years ago 7
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14 years ago
Any crochet patterns to share ?
If you are a crochet-lover like we are, visit and share your patterns, tips or ideas with other crochetmaniacs .
14 years ago
Presenting My Nuts
I have a project in mind and want to know if its feasable to use a coil method but to weave it like a basket. I have over a bushell of pecans this year and thought they would make nice gifts. I wanted...
14 years ago 9
I apologize if this is a repeat of a previous conversation but I have been off the newsgroup for a while. Have any of you used decals printed on a home printer on your work? What have been your...
14 years ago 2