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Just want to let all hand quilters know that if they would like to have an
actual thimble for the "under" hand while hand quilting, I came across a man
on Etsy that custome made one for me. I call it my "Under-handed
thimble". It is shaped much like a mushroom and works great. No more
pricked fingers, no more callouses, no more blood spots on the quilted
project (speaking from experience). I enjoy hand quilting, but didn't like
the problems I had with sore fingers. Now I can't get enough of
I don't know that much about navigating the Etsy sight, but I found that by
searching for "silver thimbles" you will find him as seller "Rio Fire". Then
pick the item you find, go to its page and to the right hand side of the
item's page is a "contact" button. You can get the info from him on how to
measure, etc.
I get nothing out of this - NAYY - just a happy customer. I told him I
would spread the word as much as possible since I am so please with mine.
Happy stitching, everyone,
Marlys in Indiana
Life is like drawing without an eraser.
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Marlys in Indiana
Lance just uploaded his pics to etsy. He is giving me credit for the design, but, he, in fact, is the true designer. Here is the link.
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Marlys in Indiana

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