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soften heat n bond?
I made a horrible error. I thought I was ordering (online) a fusible interfacing, and got Heat n Bond. I tried using it as the filter layer for masks, and they come out so stiff they look horrible!...
1 day ago
HELP!! Does anyone own a Janome MC 6600p
I inherited this beautiful machine when my Mum died 2 years ago and everything was going fine until something happened and I cannot get the presser foot to go to it's lowest extent. There is a gap of...
5 days ago
Re: Southernisms
Moving from Texas to Philly explains it all! I lived in both places They each have their own language!
1 month ago
The Posy Quilt
I have not posted here for a while now but wanted to share this easy quilt pattern with you. Go to and see this quilt on the cover page. Quilt is 74 X 88 with 30-12 inch blocks. I made all my posy...
1 month ago
Replace quilt top
Hi all, I'm new to quilting and have finished a quilt top to replace the fraying one one a quilt that I've had ages. I was wondering if it's possible/ how could I just put the new top over the old...
8 months ago 1
Tuscan Vintage Quilt
I just recently finished 5 crib quilt tops in various animal prints. This got rid of a lot of prints left over from other baby quilts. Now that I have whittled down my stash, it's time to move on....
9 months ago
Buckeye Beauty Quilt
This is the quilt I am presently working on. It is going to make a beautiful quilt using a Jelly Roll(2 1/2 inch strips)using batiks fabrics. You can cut your own or buy jelly rolls. If you make the...
11 months ago
HELP PLEASE - rctq on facebook
Hi all, I had a massive hack attack where I had to make a new page on facebook and I now cant find the rctq group on there. Would someone please advise the groups correct name so that I rejoin. I used...
1 year ago 4
Greek Cross Quilt
Hello Group, I have made a couple baby quilts using the summer breeze pattern. Now I am off doing a quilt top named Greek Cross. This block is taken from Check it out. I wanted something simple and...
1 year ago
Mother's Day Brunch.
I Brought 2 Tickets for the Mother's D husband can't make it so I have 1 ticket free.If you want it call me ..409-351-1146--I'm in 1801 and you can have it for FREE...Thanks Dee Wilson..
1 year ago
Where do I oil the Janome 6500 Pro inside the chassis
I know about the wick under the needle plate and I know about the needle bar. It is almost impossible to get to the closest dealer (distance and health issues). I clean the machine often already...
1 year ago
Summer Breeze Quilt
This is one of the most unusual quilts I have ever made but not the last as you can do them in different colors. This quilt is done in blues and purples. Go to the internet, you don't have to put the...
1 year ago 2
Bordered 9 Patch Quilt
I actually own this pattern which I brought from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and you can see this tutorial by going to Missouristarquiltcompany. Once there scroll down to You Tube, open this, then type in...
1 year ago
Hello RCTQ
What projects are you all working on? I am currently nearing the end of a double-headed doll (very popular in Victorian times). It has two dolls, joined at the waist. When the top doll is visible, the...
1 year ago 2
Simplicity II Quilt
I also just make a crib quilt with a dinosaur theme. Now I am off to make this simple modern type quilt called simplicity II. If you go to , then open tutorials and at the top where it says "search,...
1 year ago 2