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Harvest Quilt
I brought this Harvest pattern from Jordan's Fabrics. It is one of Coz y Quilt designs which has Throw, twin, queen and king sizes, so you can mak e any of these sizes. I used some of my left over...
2 years ago
Card Tricks Quilt
This the quilt I am working on right now. It is an old timey pattern made with 2 1/2 inch wide strips. Go to Missouri Star Quilt Company, open it, then go to the tutorials and ask for Card Tricks....
2 years ago 3
Cribbean Sunset Quilt
I am working on this quilt now and have all the pieces cut out. This quilt is by Nancy Mahoney. It says Easy at the top but think a beginner wo uld have trouble. Quilt finishes at 68 X 68 with 12 inch...
2 years ago 1
Directory updating!!
Hi Y'all! karen tucker is revising the Directory and would like your input if you would like to be included. Here is her directive: I am now taking applications for the RCTQ Directory 2018. This will...
2 years ago 6
PING Nightmist
Most of us are over on Face Book now and Karen Tucker (Queen of Squishies) is doing another directory. You don't have to be on FB to be in it. If you want to be in it I'll let her know. Dodie (used to...
2 years ago 7
Does anyone have a stitcher box for MegaQuilter 18-8?
Hello. I believe the stitcher box on our machine is fried. Does anyone have one you no longer need or use? I would love to hear from you. Thank you! Al Missouri
2 years ago
Equalize Quilt
This quilt is the easiest one I have ever made and an 8 year could make this quilt. It is modern looking. You can see what this quilt looks like by going to: You may have to type the address in...
2 years ago
Which blue are CGKOS&W in Bucilla Spec Ed Noah'sArk stamped crib cvr #64003.
I have a pdf file with the directions but have no clue how to post it here. If you get me an email addy I will send to you
2 years ago
OT: easy bake oven
On the cooking with Jack show, he recently did a test of the new model of the easy bake oven: He talks as if giving an easy bake oven (or real cooking equipment, I will say a bit more on that a bit...
2 years ago 2
OT Moving
We have been moving. I was going to hire a U-haul, chuck everything into the back and go, but oh nooooo, hubs had to jump in with why to you want to waste money like that when X has a perfectly good...
2 years ago 6
Jamaican Stars Quilt
This quilt is easy to make. I did not use batiks as I don't really lik e them but just used small colorful prints and it looks beautiful. Colors l ike a rainbow. This came from the Quiltmaker magazine...
2 years ago
How to get back to this newsgroup
Some how this newsgroup got dropped from my computer, so how do I get back here? Sandy$ Some how this newsgroup got dropped from my computer, so how do I get back here? Sandy$ I read you fine in...
2 years ago 6
Merry Christmas
Hope Everyone has finished up on all their Quilts and gifts and has the house arranged just right for THE DAY for special guests! As well as for the SPECIAL CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY DAY! Barbara in Florida...
2 years ago 2
OT Beavers!
I had been thinking that our bitty patch of inland wetland was a spring tha t had been allowed to bog up. Nope. We have a beaver family that moved in and made themselves to home. We will be keeping an...
2 years ago 2
Much Needed Break
Hello All, Just wanted to tell everyone that I am taking a break from quilting an d giving my apt. a really good cleaning, then put up my Christmas decoratio ns and finally last is the Christmas...
2 years ago