Question about bathrobe I don't like

Several years ago, I made a bathrobe that kinda looks cool, I suppose,
but I don't really like wearing it as a bathrobe. When I made it, I
choose camouflage print denim, thinking it would soften up as I wash it.
Well, that hasn't happened, I should have gotten something soft in the
first place, like fleece or whatever.
Well anyway, my idea is to cut it off at about waist level, and just hem
it, or be more ambitious and make a "real" waist band and make it into a
camouflage print jean jacket.
It also has some patch pockets that look like they are right in the
middle of where I would be cutting, so I would have to remove and
reposition them as well, but I think I would want to do that any way.
It also has some loops for the bathrobe tie. I would probably remove
those and hammer on some snaps or jean buttons for keeping it closed.
With the piece I cut off, I would make a newsboy cap. I will probably
also make a new case for my kindle if I have enough material, which
based on looking at how much I need to cut off, I am pretty certain I will.
Then I will have a matched set of a jean jacket(for when it actually
gets cold enough to need a jacket), cap, and kindle case. Also, I
checked, and the pockets are big enough to carry my kindle case in.
Does that sound like a good repurposing of this bathrobe that I don't
really like wearing, at least not as a bathrobe.
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Brian Christiansen
Hello Brian, I love the idea of recycling things, especially material. I know it is going to be a lot of work. Take your time and give us a picture of the finished products. Know you like a challenge so go for it. Sandy$
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