Hash Browns Quilt

This is from a pattern I brought from Jordan Fabrics named Hash Browns.
I am making mine in shades of blues and greens instead of browns. You can
see the tutorial by going to
formatting link
Open at the top where
they say tutorials or ask to see Hash Browns tutorial. There are only two
different blocks here. The pattern will make 3 different sizes. I did not
use batiks like the tutorial does. Hope some of you will try this pattern.
P.S. Since you only have the two different blocks you could make this quil
t any size you wanted by adding more blocks to make it wider and longer.
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Yes, this is the quilt that Jordan fabrics has the tutorial on. I did n ot use batiks like they did so mine is not quite as bright in color. I am just in the process of sewing the rows together. That just leaves inner/out er borders and it will be done. I am going to make this quilt again later using different colors. Sandy$
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