cute cat quilt pattern

While nosing around this morning I found this quilt cat quilt pattern.
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is right (free) and there are a few other quilts there too.Taria
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And another cute cat quilt. A quick quilt panel just came in the mail. It's "Cool Cats" by Loralie Harris. Ordered it 5/8; it arrived 5/12 - pretty good service for here since our bridge is still out from Katrina. The panel can be cut in blocks if you have time to do sashing and such, or it can simply be bordered for really fast. I saw it in an older Australian quilting magazine and found the panel at Ann's Fabrics and Polly (don't know why my keyboard won't highlight that site so you can just click and look; must be the moon)
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Polly Esther
And didn't I click on "EQ COLLECTIONS" expecting to get some fabric files for Electric Quilt. Nope. But if you click on each collection, there are even more quilt patterns!
Thank you, thank you! I really like the one with the bear and the trees.
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Kay Ahr
I liked the Pansies one - thought it really original but a simple idea.
Some good ideas altogether here, especially for using novelty prints. Yes, I liked the bears used in the border one, and am just wonderdering about the Wine table runner - whether to do ones using the fruit prints I will never use otherwise for our Animal Summer Fayre charity stall.
So thank you from me, too.
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Sally Swindells
On Sat, 12 May 2007 15:42:37 GMT, Taria wrote:
Thanks for posting the link. I am always on the look out for cat applique patterns and I didn't have these. Debra in VA See my quilts at
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