need advice on commercial embroidery machine

A friend who lives outside of Lima, Peru would like to take a
commercial embroidery machine back with her. Their community has a
small business that makes canvas shoes and bags. She would like to add
the embroidery machine so they could offer a better product.
Does anyone have experience with the embroidery only type machines? I
am just beginning my research but thought I would start with this
group since you have a wide variety of experience. I have suggested
that we look for one that is available in Lima so she could have the
machine services if necessary. She and her husband are very computer
savy so shouldn't have a problem with digitizing, etc.
Of course she needs the information ASAP since she is leaving March
18th. Please contact me privately ( slpdesigns at speakeasy dot net)
Replace at and dot with the correct signs. Thanks.
Susan Price
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Susan Laity Price
I can't help you since I know nothing about the commercial machines. Have you posted on alt.sewing.mach-embroider? The people there are very knowledgeable and quite a few have commercial machines.
Debbi in SO CA
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Debbi in SO CA
Thanks. Didn't know about the group. Took my friend to see the Brother semi industrial machine yesterday. The $5999.00 price tag on the machine plus $899 for the software was a real shock to her. Brother doesn't have any tech support in Peru so we have found a commercial machine (SWF East) that has a distributor in Lima. The machine looks good but we are waiting on a call back about the price. The factory uses very old industrial machines. She had no idea that these computer models cost so much but saw the advantage to the multiple thread version.
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Susan Laity Price

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