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No, not us. We haven't gotten any snow this year. Just a dusting. I think its the Buffalo area that is getting hit with the snow. Wish it was us I want to take our dog out and play in the snow, this is his first winter. No chance of that happening.
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Where I went to school, Oswego, has gotten over 7 feet of snow and counting.
I'm living at the other end of the state near Manhattan on LI (the thing sticking off NY shaped like a fish) and haven't gotten anything except the occassional non-sticking flurries.
My folks have gotten dustings and my best friend who lives upstate hasn't given me any reports but he is outside Rochester so I'm not sure if they have gotten buried as well.
Thanks for the concern though.
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I was amazed at that 100 inch snow! WOW I love snow, but I think if we got that much I would go into hibernation! HAHA We got about 5 inches of snow on Tuesday night, It was our first real accumulation. My boys have been sledding everyday! I am about fed up with the frigid temps, though. One below zero and below zero wind chill factors makes one not want to go out into the cold to work! Shannon did you guys get much snow over your way? Linda
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Linda C
We got 6 1/2 inches. Then tonight I heard that we could have another 6 inches this coming Tuesday, but it's still a little early to predict. The kids have had a 2 hour delay every day this week because of the snow and temperature. But remember, we are an hour ahead so we have some schools that start at 7:30 which is 6:30 your time. I wish we would have went central time instead of eastern last year when they started changing time. I think they had the 2 hour delays to that it would give the buses daylight to run.
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