New York style hem?

Someone sent me an E-mail asking what a New York style hem was. Anyone
heard of that? I can't find any references on the web.
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Donna wrote in news:Xns990EE6435C911donnacroakerwoodscom@
Answering my own question - isn't this it?
formatting link
The hemming of jeans by folding up, stitching and then trimming excess fabric?
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I've heard that called a "European" hem before too. But yeah, basically. There is another method that preserves the old hemmed edge of the jean, but puts it back on like bias binding. I think there's a site that shows that too. That solves the only problem with this method of hemming---what do you do if there is a large flare to the bottom of the jean? I'll try to see if I can find the site that shows the other method.
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