Great S.E.X. at Spinrite sale

Well I have finally looked at all the yarn that I picked up yesterday
and I ended up picking up 6,490 grams of yarn so a little more yarn
than I figured but that's fine as it will be used up quickly.
So here is the list
2 bags of Candyland 6-50 gram balls per bag $3.00 per bag (Little
2 bags of Softee Baby 3-140 gram balls per bag $3.75 per bag (White)
2 bags of Baby Sparkle 10-42.5 gram balls per bag $3.75 per bag (White)
4 bags of Bernat Big Value 5-170 gram balls per bag $6.75 per bag
(Light old rose, Old Rose, Light Sea Green and Royal Blue)
The prices were better as the deal was buy 3 balls of yarn and get 1
free so of course as I was buying yarn for my sister, mom and a friend
it made getting 4 bags of the different yarns easy.
Now I just need to find the time to use up all this yarn.
Back to crocheting and knitting I go.
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I was there yesterday as well. I can't even begin to list what I picked up. Though I finally emptied the 2 large garbage bags they used for shopping and have it in 6 smaller, clear bags. Can anyone tell garbage day is soon, I'd hate to risk loosing any of it?
If you find the time, can you let me know where it is? :-)
On 20 Aug 2006 19:04:03 -0700, "Craftkitten" wrote:
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Tara D
Hi Darlene,
I was gonna go, but poor VISA couldn't handle the tent sale AND the opening of Mary Maxim @ Yonge and Eglinton next week AND the KW knitter's fair AND CSNF!!
Nadia, who is off to sell stuff on eBay to support the habit.
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Hi Nadia
I heard about Mary Maxim opening but didn't know when. Are you going to CSNF? I will be there with a Gold VIP pass.
Won't be at KW fair this year as on vacation then.
Darlene (Craftkitten)
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