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Hi All,
I hit the Spinrite outlet for the February sale. It took me only 25 minutes
to overrun my budget! Here is what I got:
2 bags of 10 - Patons Up Country (beige colour) - $19.99 ea
2 bags of 10 - Bernat Sox (navy) $5.99 ea
8 skiens Patons Katrina (lavender colour) - $3.99 ea
3 skiens Patons Brilliant (black) - $2.99 ea
2 bags of 5 - Patons Classic Wool (grey/white mix) - $8.99 ea
1 bag of 3 - Cottontots - $5.99
2 bags of 6 - Patons Pebbles (one white, one black) - $9.99 ea
1- 1 lb. bag of Patons Evita - $2.99
I think that is it. Whew! I am pooped from just typing all that!
Nadia, who won't be buying any more yarn til the August tent sale!
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No, those would be Canadian dollars. I wish I lived close enough. I love Up Country - have made a sweater out of it in the ice blue, and it also felts beautifully. The bag prices are wonderful. That yarn used to sell for around $9 or $10 a ball, but has been discontinued.
I would have loved to get the Classic Wool and the Cottontots too. Way to go Nadia!!
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"Mystified One" snipped-for-privacy@worldnut.att.nut queried quite seriously innews:2StPf.25501$ snipped-for-privacy@bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
Well, maybe she'll crochet some of it?? But, if she CAN'T, I'm the first to VOLUNTEER to help her use it up! LOL, Noreen
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RCTY a close knit community. Any S.E.X. anywhere gives us all a "fuller" life.
It is spring. The tulips are blooming. The bees are buzzing. Soon it will be too warm to knit. This is the time of year when a youngman's fancy turns to ......... puns.
Hey, you opened this post, and most of you know how my mind works in the spring.
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snert, splort, and so does a 'young' woman's! Hugs, Noreen
(who at AHEM, 47, honestly feels 17 some of the time!) (would I go BACK to 17? Nah, but 27 or even 37, knowing what I do now, prolly yes!)
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You did really well at the Spinrite sale. I avoided it this year considering all the yarn that I have picked up at Lewiscraft. Now I just need to use up some of the yarn so that I can go to the August tent sale.
Darlene in Toronto
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I figure I can knit/crochet my hole stash by about.....2100? LOL.
Good thing I come from a family of long-livers!
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Thanks Shelagh. I love up Country too. I am almost finished the coat on the front of the "Urban Neutrals" book in the ice blue. I will have to post a pic when it is done. I think I will make another sweater out of the book from the stuff I bought on Saturday.
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