Painting on background paper

For those of you that have done any painting on background paper, help me
out here. I'm thinking of trying this for a LO, but before I get too deep
into it, I kinda need to know what paints to use. I know there's paints out
there designed for scrapbooking, but don't know anything about them. Can't
remember what brand they are, the cold medicine kinda fuzzied my brain. I
have acrylic paints, but will they be safe? Anybody have any ideas?
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Deb in AR
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I joined one of those "Not Your Ordinary Book Club" deals through the local scrapbook store. Last month's kit included painting backgrounds. We used Delta acrylic paints - it was a neat concept as we painted bubble wrap and laid out cardstock on top to transfer the design. We also printed out title on white cardstock with a thick light gray font and painted over the title with the paint for a "foam stamp look." Doing this you are not limited to one style of font. One of our background pieces was white cardstock, wet and crumpled, we then straightened it our and sort of white washed it with paint. They told us we could iron the paper to dry it faster, but I just let mine air dry. I wish my camera was not it the shop so I could send you a pic of the page I did. Hopefully it will be back in a few days - or I will borrow my sisters. Sandy in Southern Indiana
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Sandy McBeth
There is a brand out there that has acid free paint, I think it's Making Memories and they have a lot of colors. You could just sponge it on or use stamps. But I painted it like you would a wall and it came out uneven and the paper crumpled a little. Also, you can use stamping inks that are acid free. I like making my own backgrounds because of the creativity and cost. Hilda
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